Our Services

Our Litigation service includes representation in various courts and tribunals, including; The Supreme Court of India, High Courts of various states, National Company Law Tribunal and Appellate Tribunal, National Green Tribunal, Competition Commission of India, Consumer courts, Debt Recovery Tribunals and Appellate Tribunals, Electricity Tribunals, SEBI Appellate Tribunal, Tax Tribunals, Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).

We provide legal advice, drafting and representation in a variety of litigation, including Service matter disputes, Matrimonial disputes, Shareholder disputes, Contractual disputes, Real estate disputes, Intellectual Property disputes, including prosecution and enforcement of rights, Litigation pertaining to constitutional matters, Insolvency and bankruptcy litigation, Trust litigation, RERA Litigation, Tax disputes, Debt recovery, Economic offences, Criminal matters, Representation before various statutory authorities and government officials.

Our Arbitration services include Formulating strategy, Assistance in seeking urgent interim reliefs from courts and tribunals, Documentation and representation in domestic and international commercial arbitration, within and outside India, Assistance in mediation and settlement processes between parties, Assistance in setting aside or execution of Awards within and outside India.

Our practice covers assistance in identifying, protecting and leveraging business-critical IP assets, thereby increasing their valuation and ensuring their protection and efficient exploitation. Registration and prosecution of Trademarks, Designs, Copyright. Assistance in negotiating transaction documents. Managing Trademark portfolios. Intellectual Property due diligence and brand audits. Licensing and assignment of Intellectual Property. IP litigation covering the gamut of Intellectual Property Rights before courts and specialized tribunals in India.

Protecting the intellectual property of our client is our top priority, and that is why we have a team of legal advisors who can understand the global landscape in a better way. We even help in clearing the IP so that they can launch their new product in the market. Our lawyers also assist and advise clients about the ways how they can protect their intellectual property so that your business can flourish in the market.

Our firm advises some of India’s most significant real estate-focused funds and real estate companies in investments, joint ventures, property acquisitions/ sales and leases. We are well versed with a range of real estate structures and have a wide range of experience with handling complex issues in this sector.
Our firm will act and represent everyone that is there in the real estate business be it developers, government agencies, property owners, logistics and warehousing companies, investors, landlords, contractors, tenants and corporate houses. We are known for winning the trust of our clients by giving them end-to-end innovation solution and advice that too within the timeframe.
Whether it is tradition or modern commercial real estate business, our lawyers will always give you the best advice. With our decade long experience in helping the client in resolving their real estate cases, we can give you a creative solution.

The smooth running of the banking and financial industry is the backbone of a strong economy. Our talented banking and finance legal team provide a range of services that help our clients in all areas of banking and financial markets law. Our clients include public & private sector banks, financial institutions and non-banking financial companies. We advise our companies on their domestic transactions and provide a focused, pragmatic approach.

Clients rely on us for depth and breadth of our expertise, our intellectual rigour and our proven track record of finding innovative financial solutions to implement on the transactions we work on. We back our clients with the financial knowledge and legal expertise required for complex corporate restructure that can shape the future of financial services. Our team will develop a robust technical and legal framework so that you can thrive in the banking and financial industry.

The healthcare and pharmaceutical is an important industry that includes a vast network of laws and regulations. At Vidhi Justitia Legal Solution, we will help you navigate the tricky pharma regulatory environment with clear and concise advice. Our team of experienced legal advisers will help with compliance connected with regulatory and health care policy issues, ethics, data exclusivity and protection, labelling and legal metrology. We also work on niche intellectual property matters as well as general commercial and operational litigations faced by pharmaceutical companies.

Over the years, many healthcare and pharmaceutical companies have turned to us for expertise and legal guidance. On account of the ever-changing government regulations, it is important to make sure your organization is able to keep up with the current developments. The team at Vidhi Justitia Legal Solution is well versed with all the legal and commercial developments in healthcare and medicine, whether it is insurance or trademark protection.

The growingly complex framework of criminal laws and rising prosecutions associated with white-collar crime are increased risks associated with running ever-complicated businesses in India. We advise our clients on all aspects of such criminal investigations and proceedings, whether at an institutional or individual level. White-collar crime in India usually finds its genesis in anti-bribery and corruption laws, corporate and accounting fraud, insider trading, data privacy, protection and security, global statutes such as FCPA, UKBA, corporate compliance, and money laundering. We have extensive experience in representing clients in white-collar crime matters both at a preventative and prosecution stages.

We not only support our client in handling the crisis situation, internal fact-finding but also assist them in the investigation of the potential irregularities. We adopt the integrated approach while dealing with white-collar and compliance crime that alert all the related legal fields be it law for tax, accounting and data protection.

Our insurance practice provides the full spectrum of legal services to insurers, reinsurers, intermediaries, investment banks, investors and policyholders. We have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the legal, regulatory and commercial issues faced by the insurance industry in India and regularly act on the cutting edge of Indian insurance work. We have a highly qualified network of attorneys with years of experience connected to the insurance industry.

Vidhi Justitia Legal Solution provides in-person as well as over-the-phone counsel for a variety of legal matters that arise because of your insurance policy or premiums. Because of our knowledge and expertise in every aspect of insurance law, Vidhi Justitia Legal Solution is the number one choice for legal services in the insurance industry. Our team is known for its capacity to handle even the most complex insurance issues and dispute resolution. Given our extensive experience, it is no surprise that our clients include multinational insurers, coinsurers and domestic brokers.

Whenever companies or individuals are in need of first-class corporate legal services, they always turn to Vidhi Justitia Legal Solution. Our law firm has the reputation of getting to the heart of complex issues, providing strategic inputs and structuring transactions innovatively to minimize execution risk. We have substantial experience in complex, multi-jurisdictional, mergers and acquisitions, private equity transactions, as well as a deep understanding of regulatory issues in corporate law.

Our brilliant legal team provides unique insights to help you manage the regulatory complexities of corporate law. We will take the time to carefully understand your business in order to customize our services to meet your corporate governance and commercial needs. From complex partnerships to sensitive of risk issues, we will help you overcome all your corporate legal challenges. Through a range of pragmatic and innovative solutions, we will ensure that your business runs smoothly and your partnerships are successful.

As your business grows, you will collaborate with other companies and individuals to expand your network. When you are engaged in business partnerships, there is always a chance for disputes and disagreements to arise. If you want your business to maintain a good standing, you will need to resolve commercial issues and business disputes promptly. Our firm works efficiently to provide accurate legal representation to our clients in commercial disputes, regulatory matters, and criminal proceedings. Our emphasis is to align our litigation strategy with the business interests of our clients.

With an experienced team of dispute resolution lawyers, Vidhi Justitia Legal Solution provides the best legal advice and expertise to overcome any hurdle. Our team remains focused on getting the best possible outcome for you in every type of dispute. Whether you are on the lookout for international arbitration or complex legal investigation, we will make sure we fulfil your objectives down to the last letter.

We advise companies on a variety of issues relating to Indian employment laws. Our advice includes structuring remuneration policies, senior management contracts, non-compete agreements and employee stock options. Our talented team of labour and employment lawyers have years of experience managing human capital issues for different small and medium-sized entities. We will make sure we provide strategic insights and accurate legal advice to navigate labour and employment laws in India.

Our team will study all the employment documentation and policies related to your business to ensure it is in accordance with local and international laws. From legal issues related to the termination of employment, or severe sexual harassment and discrimination dispute, we will be your trusted legal partner all the way. Vidhi Justitia Legal Solution specializes in workplace health and safety liability as well as executive remuneration and employee relocation.

India has undergone unprecedented development in the hospitality sector in the last few years. The growth and development of this industry are expected to continue well into the foreseeable future. We assist clients in pursuing significant opportunities and meeting challenges that they encounter in this sector.

Our lawyers are proficient in dealing with the hospitality industry, which can consist of hotels and resorts etc. In each stage from acquiring land to registering it, from constructing the building to running the hotel; we will give you advise and handle the legal issues at each stage.

With the presence of proficient lawyers, we are able to fulfil all the legal needs of our clients. We make sure that our pool of experienced lawyers keep themselves updated with all new laws and issues that can affect the hospitality business of our clients.

Our education practice advises leading promoter groups, top-tier Indian and international educational institutions, private equity firms, investors, financial institutions, not-for-profit organizations and charitable foundations on a wide range of advisory and transactional work in the Indian education sector.

The education attorneys of our firm will protect the civil rights of the employees, students, ensure that timely and appropriate communication is done between two parties. They also in the adoption or transfer of any educational institute, assist in the easy collaboration, even facilitate the merger and acquisition of the educational institutions.

The educational lawyers of our firm will make sure to assist you from the start of the educational institute to the point it is completed. Our legal services for the education sector will guide and advise or client in running their institution is compliant with the laws.

We offer comprehensive consultation on e-commerce related matters. Our legal services cover the entire gamut of legal needs in the e-commerce and retail ecosystem.

We are famous for assisting franchisers, distributors as well as retailers to use and launch various e-commerce platform for growing their brand value and invest in digital trends. We even maintain their e-commerce business by helping them to prepare service agreements, privacy compliance and vendor contract.

Our firm also helps in setting up and maintaining cross-border e-commerce sales and purchase. We have the lawyers tat believes in combining their law insights with the market practice to ensure that our clients are following all the necessary laws and practices. Our lawyers are known for giving best advise on the use, storage, collection, transfer and disclosure of the user data who are using your e-commerce platform.